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Ethics and Honesty

“Integrity does not consist of loyalty to one’s subjective whims, but of loyalty to rational principles.” ~Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness pg.81

Besides painting and art, one of my passions in life is philosophy, especially the subject of ethics.  If we don’t ponder, consider critically our actions and thought processes, we don’t grow.  While ethics is really quite simple, the process in which we derive our conclusions is evolutionary.  This is true, particularly in today’s society.

Unfortunately, as with human nature, there are people who view ethics as a relative matter.  They seem to rationalize behavior in a manner that is suitable for their wants and attempt for self gratification affecting them in an immediate future or present tense, without thought or reflection of how their actions and behaviors affect others.

This post is not to psycho analyze con artists or delusional people, rather… to make a statement of recognition for myself and maybe encourage anyone else out there – that if you recognize a dishonest person in action – don’t assume you can help them or find Reason in their activities.  It’s the time to be “selfish” and do the best for you each day.

For productive reading on the subject of ethics, I often refer to; “The Virtue of Selfishness by Ayn Rand, The Objectivist Ethics

*Ayn Rand Lexicon online

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Relaxed in North Carolina

Every now and then it’s a good idea for everyone to take a bit of time to take inventory, process their current life, clear the mind, and re-charge the batteries.  It’s good for the soul.
necessary start to the day

necessary start to the day

I’ve been doing just that in North Carolina this year.  It’s wonderful to catch up in person with my now incredibly tall nephews and brothers wife (who by the way is one of my best friends… is she ever WITTY).  🙂
Hopefully everyone has the same kind of opportunity to re-charge in 2009.
And by the way, here is an excellent spinach salad recipe by Heidi, my sister in law. (We really should have taken a picture of the gigantic bowl she made because it was sooooo pretty!)
Spinach Salad
1 lb. bacon
2 10 oz. packages of fresh spinach
1/2 pkg. stuffing
6 eggs (hard boiled – optional)
Sauce over spinach – 1/3 cup oil, 1/3 cup vinegar
2/3 cup sugar, 1 tsp. salt, 1/2 tsp. peppers, 3 heaping tbsp. dry yellow mustard.  Pour over above.

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What is new during Summer 2009

I’m very excited that I can finally put my nose in “Notes From Underground” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky!   I’ve been wanting to wrap my mind around something new within the realm of Russian literature and will probably do a study guide for it.  If anyone knows of a study group online please let me know.

Currently listening to Ennio Morricone who composed the theme score for “Cinema Paradiso“.

I also have a new kitten, George.  He’s curious, of course, and very much like an active toddler who needs to learn some manners!  haha

me and Curious Sir George

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Seven Things One Might Not Know About Me

Okay, Martin has tagged me for a “Seven Things” meme.

I’m trying to think about what people may or may not know as I am pretty transparent, but also relatively private.  So here goes…

  1. I have a Paula Abdul dance instruction video that I will sometimes secretly get out to practice with for FUN!
  2. I can’t stand the smell of raw meat
  3. On occasion, I put books on my head to walk around the house to achieve balance and good posture.   I never did learn to do the runway walk very well though.  I giggle too much and can crash to the side in high heels.  🙂
  4. I have had a lot of recurring nightmares and night terrors.
  5. I tend to be a little obsessive about learning new subjects.
  6. Sometimes I say what I am thinking too quickly and accidentally offend people.
  7. I almost always have music playing, even if it’s in my own mind – you can catch me randomly humming or singing unrecognizable tunes.  😀

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All This Work and New Design Options

Thanks to Prodos and all for all of your work!  I’m itching to play with new blog options and will spend a bit of time explore around here now to see how to play with blog appearance.  Word Press seems a bit more sophisticated in some aspects than other blog formats, so this will be interesting. 🙂
Just for fun, I’ll add one of my more recent sketches that will make its way to canvas (eventually).

watching the fisherman

watching the fisherman

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Russian Poet, Pushkin

This is my last post for the day, and one I am most excited about finding!!

As an absolute fan of Russian Literature and Poetry, I was thrilled to find a site on Alexander Pushkin which not only provides a translation of his poems from Russian to English, but also… they are downloadable to listen to in various formats including mp3! Yay!! I hope anyone who may read this post finds being able to listen to the poemsjust as exciting!

* for more!!

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Skin Recovery; the effects of winter on our skin

Since moving to Florida I rarely experience dry skin. While living in Colorado, on the other hand, dry skin during the winter months was always a constant battle. This winter seems to be a little cooler than normal in Florida, and while the effects of this weather is nothing in compared to what my northern neighbors experience… I still find a need to use a good lotion and try to stay on top ofallowing weather to cause unecessary skin damage.

Below are some links that I find interesting and useful, particularly those related to skin healthy foods. 🙂
* Correcting skin damage
* “Best foods for skin” (which includes one of my favorites… blueberries!!!)
* “7 Miracle Foods for Healthy Skin

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Favorite Super Bowl Ads

I did not follow the season for either team in the Super Bowl. The only reason I decided to cheer for the Cardinals is because I like the cardinal bird. I must say though, that the story about Kurt Warner, AZ Cardinals quarterback, is very inspirational!
Half time featuring Bruce Springsteen was energetic. Very “all American”!

The best part of the evening was looking at Super Bowl ads.
My favorites include the following:
1. “Heroes vs. NFL” (Of course! John Elway, #7 of the Denver Broncos as a Super Hero that saves the day… almost) 🙂
2. “LMAO Syndrome” (Hilarious!)
3. “Pepsi Max – I’m Good” (also very funny and in a strange way… true!)

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Journaling and best stress relief

Day to day life can be very busy, and I’ve never been one to appreciate drama. So it’s always been very important for me to journal. Not only is writing a way to reflect on feelings about everything going on, but it’s also a way to keep perspective. Especially when there is a lot going on, it would be far too easy to confuse what we’d like reality tobe vs reality. And if we attempt to reflect on something disingenuous (maybe not even purposefully so) we really don’t progress.

Another excellent way of reducing stress is exercise. I find being outside and walking helpful, and it’s great to get as much sun as possible during the winter time. What’s really great is hitting a ball as hard and as far as possible with a good, solid baseball bat! 🙂
Here are some tips on exercise for stress reduction.

Looking forward to 2009! And wishing all good things for my fellow Thinker to Thinker bloggers and friends! Given all of the serious changes in the world, there will be some interesting stories to blog about.

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