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Good day to take off?

Update 3:01pm ET: What a greatÂlaunch for the 4th of July! HOORAY! :) This is a view from our front yard.

What a day for Space Shuttle Discovery to take off! The last 2 scheduled departure dates were no-go due to weather. I woke up this morning thinking it justÂmay happen today! However, it’s partly cloudly and there is currently some light rain at my location.

So now I’m looking at radar and NASA TV. The clouds are rather spotty and the sky is blue at the Cape, so keeping fingers crossed that all goes well!
If the clouds move out quickly, we should have a clear view of take-off in less than 1 hour.

*NASA Launch and weather radar
*NASA TV for a live stream

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Flying time…

eh… I just couldn’t bring myself to say “time flies”. But that’s the essence of what I am thinking right now.
Right now… see? Another implication of “time”. hohoho

Recently I realized that I’d neglected to announce that I’ve added 2 links to the Pro-Reason section of this blog:
*Christopher Schlegel (a very knowledgeable and talented musician, inspiring as an artist!)
*American Renaissance (Steven Brockerman, very interesting intellectual blog)

Before it gets too warm to play in the garden, I will be heading out to kill aphids, ants, and avoid snakes. Today we expect temperatures to reach around 90 and there hasn’t been a hint of rain for weeks. Certainly this hurricane season will make up for that, so I won’t complain.

Click here for more information on the 2006 Season Hurricane Forecast.

Have a terrific weekend! 😀

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Offended Finale

Imagine this

I move to Saudi Arabia with a bunch of my friends and family. We are used to a secular culture and I go out and about on the streets dressed in my t-shirt and shorts just like I do here.

What would happen?

This “cartoon” story really is about free speech. The issue stems from differentiating between free speech, inciting violence and anti-terrorism law.

I saw a bit of an interview with Ahmed Abu Laban on the news yesterday. Basically (paraphrasing here) he explained he’d initially wanted to demonstrate “atheism” in the west. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the entire interview, so I decided to do a little more research this morning.

I am satisfied that I see strategy behind this madness.
See this August 9, 2005 article from The Washington Post titled: Denmark Tries to Act Against Terrorism as Mood in Europe Shifts
Law Raises Concerns of Civil Libertarians By Kevin Sullivan

(See page 3, 1st paragraph for a quote by Abu Laban)

His name also appears in this June 8, 2005 BBC article titled: Arson highlights Danish tensions by Thomas Buch-Andersen

And again in this November 2004, Bahrain Tribune article titled: Dutch lawmaker wants border to shut Muslims.

See the latest on MEMRI. There is a threat to the Europeans that they will take their business elsewhere.

Is this threat saying, in other words, since you have a large number of Muslim immigrants you must conform to Sharia Law or else?

Unless something dramatic happens, this is my last comment on the subject. I expect Americans to continue to recognize our 1st Amendment rights.

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Offended II

Yesterday I tried to recall whether I have seen anything denigrating from the sort that are protesting the cartoon, pointed toward other religious icons. I wanted to examine whether this situation is actually religious in nature, or only political. My husband reminded me that the Taliban destroyed the Buddha’s in Afghanistan. The protests are not religious or political because in that part of world there is an intermixture of politics and religion.

Another question arises; I have seen the word used by some of the clerics that these cartoons depicting their prophet Muhammed are blasphemous. I have always thought the only God could be blasphemed. Of course, I am no expert in such matters.

I wonder what the world would be like if every human being with an opinion were to partake in such violence or even incitement of violence.

Seriously, it would be the end of civilization and the end of humanity. I don’t see that happening.

Suggested reading for today:
* Sydney Kendall Says
* EGO Blog, cross-posting from Gus Van Horn

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today I am offended by…

Lately, once again, I have been busy in my own little realm and haven’t paid too close attention to the news and current events.

It appears the question of whether persons of the Muslim faith are justified in being outraged about cartoons depicting their prophet is everywhere that I look now.

Before I was aware of the violent nature of the protests, I sort of blew the whole thing off. I have seen images, video, read stories from some individuals who I believe to be religiously extreme depicting westerners and Jewish persons in a terrible, disparaging manner. I thought this whole Danish cartoon thing would end in a demand for an apology, an apology given, and that would be it. I thought the offended individuals would react much the same as how I think Christian religious extremists would react should they come across cartoons depicting Jesus in an unflattering manner. It seems I was wrong.

I asked my husband last night if he believes some Christians would in fact react violently, like the extremists who blow up doctors, nurses and innocent individuals in abortion clinics. He made a very good point when he asked me in turn to compare the numbers of violent acts by Muslim religious extremists to religious extremists of every other faith in current times.

It’s very, very strange that people are so offended by a drawing that they would demand the actual hand of the cartoonist responsible!

What I wonder about at this time, is whether any of the offended are responsible for the depiction of Jesus, God, or any of the prophets or saints in a negative light. I wonder more about how they look at it and whether they are hypocrites or consistent with their own teachings. To be sure, there is no sound reason for their violent reaction.

For today, I will say that I am offended by the violent nature of the protesters even more than I am offended by Christian religious extremists who are offended by gargoyles and fear Halloween.

As I continue to ponder, I have a lot of reading to catch up on. I don’t mind coming out of my little realm every once in a while, but it sure is a nice place retreat to when the world isn’t doing what you told it to before you went in.

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Bloggers Media Alert

Sunday – 6:09pm EST (I still need to find out how to change the published time on here as it looks like I’m automatically on Australian time.)

Joshua Sharf will be on the radio this afternoon/evening from Denver to discuss bloggers reactions to what’s happened after Hurricane Katrina.

It looks like we can tune in online. 🙂

For more information click here!

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