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Russian Poet, Pushkin

This is my last post for the day, and one I am most excited about finding!!

As an absolute fan of Russian Literature and Poetry, I was thrilled to find a site on Alexander Pushkin which not only provides a translation of his poems from Russian to English, but also… they are downloadable to listen to in various formats including mp3! Yay!! I hope anyone who may read this post finds being able to listen to the poemsjust as exciting!

* for more!!

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Another MUST Read

I was able to catch a bit of a very interestingÂsession on C-Span’s BookTV this morning with Andrei Piontkovsky, author of Another Look into Putin’s Soul.

Unfortunately at this time I am unable to locate a link to view this discussion online. Hopefully C-Span will air it again soon.

Another Look into Putin’s Soul is a book that is going to the top of my “Must Read” list. Some subjects that were touched on during the Q&A session were Russian oil exports,Âthe Caspian Sea and how this relates to Iran. I did not catch theÂentire comments about land or water rights in regard to this subject. It is also very interesting that Russia views the success of Ukraine as aÂthreat. What caught my attention in this regard is not just that the Russian leaders are threatened; it is the degree in which they are threatened and why. I would like to learn more about relations between Russia and Iran, as wellÂas their generalÂForeign Policy.

To view articles by Andrei Piontkovsky visit The JamesTown Foundation andÂthe Hudson Institute

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Russian excellence

I just spent about 30 minutes doing some research on someone who gave an absolutely fascinating interview on a morning news program. I was so impressed by their knowledge and ability to share something that I hadn’t known before, that I was going to prop them up here – if for no other reason than to track the story for myself in the future.

I hate when I am so excited about something one minute and after doing a bit of research – completely disillusioned.

c’est la vie

Here is one that I am happy about

My husband referred a site to me that will continue to help me develop my Russian language skills. Now this lady is impressive!

*See A Spoonful of Russian.

From what I have read, Natalia seems down to earth, intelligent, a good teacher and obviously her family is very important to her.
This is the kind of lady I can learn from.

I sure wish I could find people like that around here…

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Today in History

September 8th was the Siege of Leningrad (Saint Petersburg).

Someday I would love to visit several of the “Hero Cities” in the former Soviet Union.
It would be amazing to be able to visit the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts!
Also, life would not be complete without visiting the cities and landscapes which inspired various authors such as:

*Fyodor Dostoyevsky
*Alexander Pushkin
*Ayn Rand (an inspiring American)
*Leo Tolstoy

As I continue to study Russian language, I will share another excellent link to Study Russian Literature online.

Film recommendations for today:
*Doctor Zhivago based on a novel by Boris Pasternak
*Enemy at the Gates
*Onegin based on a novel by Alexander Pushkin ! directed by Martha Fiennes, starring her brother Ralph Fiennes.

My pick for quote of the day – “Some men go through a forest and see no firewood.” ~English Proverb

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More on foreign language

I am currently spending a little time each day refreshing my language skills. I study Russian, my husband studies German, and both of our children take Latin. Okay, so we are a very diverse household. 😉

I grew up in a house hearing foreign languages. My father spoke French and German fluently, some Russian, some Yiddish and in recent years has taken on Hungarian (has friends from Hungary… and Dad is an adorable silly-head).
He always encouraged us to learn at least one foreign language. Pick a language, any language and learn it, live it, dream it. So I chose Russian.

My first teacher was from (ex-Soviet) Georgia. I remember thinking she was so beautiful and elegant like Eva Gabor. She was also a lot of fun and made class interesting every day! But I digress… back to the initial point of this post.

Here is a link to create flashcards: MemoryLifter

Another good link on Russian for travelers: Way To Russia

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Russian Language

It’s been difficult keeping up my language skills since I moved and am no longer around Russian speaking people. However, I am going to work on the reading/writing aspects of Russian language. Unless I meet anyone to converse with here – conversational will have to come in when I visit my old neighborhood.

LearningRussian.com looks interesting enough so far.

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