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Trends 2006

While shopping for Christmas gifts, I noticed the 2005 bright color palette still obvious in men’s fashion.
Who selected the overwhelmingly cheerful colors for 2005? I know next to no one who actually looks fabulous in vibrant orange or shocking pink! And for the love of God, who is buying jolting colorful clothing, especially for professional men?

Can you imagine? (Repeat after me in a whiny high pitched voice)
��œHere is a lovely black, orange and pink plaid tie for the office, honey. Enjoy! I���m sure you���ll receive loads of compliments!��?
Yeah! They���ll get some attention all right! I���m fairly certain that my own husband would not revel in that kind of attention.

2006 Spring Fashion color trends appear to be much more soft and cool. Be sure to check out the Pantone Fashion Color Report 2006.

Home interior color trends are also more subdued and calm this coming year. At least the folks at the Paint Color Institute recognize what I find nearly offensive ostentatious color trends, and call it “color fatigue” from 2005.

* Various color trends 2006.

* Travel Trends 2006
* Colorado is a hot travel destination! Hooray!

Be your own personal trendsetter.

It’s important to express yourself and to wear a style that you love (hopefully also colors that look good on you). Design your home interiors and exteriors to reflect your own personality (within reason in regard to exterior colors please).

A trend I am hopeful for is to see more companies emphasizing good customer service. I am much more likely to become a patron of a restaurant that offers good food, a welcoming atmosphere and excellent customer service. Same goes with any business I choose to deal with, as long as I have a choice.

Here is to good health, hard work, much play, love and happiness in life.
Happy New Year!

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Painting Technique

While browsing the library last week, I came across a book called Painting Flowers the Van Wyk Way by Helen Van Wyk. Though I have my own style of painting, I know there are new techniques that I can learn and by no means have I mastered the art of shadowing.

Painting Flowers the Van Wyk Way depicts “The Seven Components of Pictorial Expression” in a delightfully visual manner. There are diagrams of the anatomy of various flower types and tips on achieving balance, tone values and rhythm.

Typically I paint with acrylics, but I am interested in exploring oils and other mediums. While researching technique online I have found a site which provides Free Art Lessons Online with a 7 layered lesson by an amazing artist – Alexei Antonov. This lesson is helpful when learning more about contrast, blending and shadow casting.

I have also found a link for free online lessons giving excellent step by step instructions on perspective and other valuable tips on composition by Interactive Art School.

“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.” ~Michaelangelo

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Color the World

When working on design for someone else it’s very important to take personality, product, and message and target audience in to consideration.

I found a good site using del.icio.us on color palette trends.
*Colour Lovers

*Websitetips on color meaning and psychology.

Here is another site that provides excellent information on color psychology.
*Color Matters

For more on graphics and animation see The Gimp and Paint Shop Pro.

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Design Projects

I have several projects that I am preparing for over the next couple of months. Now that the kids are back in school I am able to dedicate at least part time hours toward self study and creating.

Here are some valuable links on design, layouts as well as a very fun home project that anyone can do ! making your own home movies using still photos, video, audio, etc

Principles of Design from Digital Web Magazine

Typography and Page Layout (a free tutorial)

My favorite magazine is Dynamic Graphics. It has all the latest on color trends, type and color, building a portfolio and much more!

I’ve noticed that color varies slightly depending on which browser I am using, particularly firefox.
For more on web safe color see: Web Developer’s Journal

Creating slide shows and video, an easy and fun way to go is using Windows Movie Maker. Here is a free online tutorial for Movie Maker 2. Here is a good article from Galan Bridgman on how to burn your movie to DVD.

Next I want to document how to take old recordings from cassette tape, record to the computer and then to CD. My husband has done this for me before. I am wondering if the audio can be cleaned up on the computer before putting it on a CD.

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Designs and misc.

Okay, I need more coffee and my reading glasses to figure out how and if I can customize this blog design. Very exciting!

This is my first post on Thinker to Thinker – and I am motivated to make this a fun spot to visit!

But first, I will guzzle down my delicious hazelnut coffee, find those glasses and create a menu to cover the next 4 days. Gads, I am in a recipe rut but absolutely NOTHING sounds good. Well, except blueberries and waffles.

ta ta for now…

Update: I’m pretty happy with this theme for now. Blue, calm, pretty. Groovy!
Not enough coffee this morning. I’m off – it’s raining – but it’s lovely looking over the pond.

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