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Ethics and Honesty

“Integrity does not consist of loyalty to one’s subjective whims, but of loyalty to rational principles.” ~Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness pg.81

Besides painting and art, one of my passions in life is philosophy, especially the subject of ethics.  If we don’t ponder, consider critically our actions and thought processes, we don’t grow.  While ethics is really quite simple, the process in which we derive our conclusions is evolutionary.  This is true, particularly in today’s society.

Unfortunately, as with human nature, there are people who view ethics as a relative matter.  They seem to rationalize behavior in a manner that is suitable for their wants and attempt for self gratification affecting them in an immediate future or present tense, without thought or reflection of how their actions and behaviors affect others.

This post is not to psycho analyze con artists or delusional people, rather… to make a statement of recognition for myself and maybe encourage anyone else out there – that if you recognize a dishonest person in action – don’t assume you can help them or find Reason in their activities.  It’s the time to be “selfish” and do the best for you each day.

For productive reading on the subject of ethics, I often refer to; “The Virtue of Selfishness by Ayn Rand, The Objectivist Ethics

*Ayn Rand Lexicon online

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Russian Poet, Pushkin

This is my last post for the day, and one I am most excited about finding!!

As an absolute fan of Russian Literature and Poetry, I was thrilled to find a site on Alexander Pushkin which not only provides a translation of his poems from Russian to English, but also… they are downloadable to listen to in various formats including mp3! Yay!! I hope anyone who may read this post finds being able to listen to the poemsjust as exciting!

* for more!!

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Interesting Film Reviews

I have added a link for my friend Nigel’s blog called, I Spit On Your Taste. Nigel is a film buff and has a fantastic way of writing about a unique niche of movies including Italian horror films. There seems to be a large fan base for Z rated films in Europe as well as the US.

As noted by Steve at The Last Picture Show blog (also a verygood film review blog), Nigel’s new blog is developing nicely. Keep it up, Nig!

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Christopher Schlegel, Piano Waltzes No. 1 – 24

How doesa musicalnovice write a proper review for Classical Music?
After some reflection, the answer to my own question is to write a simple and honest review.

Christopher Schlegel Piano Waltzes No. 1 – 24

I think it’s so important to say something when you come across abrilliant artist who truly pours their heart and soul in to their creations! Christopher is a well rounded musician andis quite the Maestro when it comes to composing classical as well as other types of music. After getting to know Christopher a bit, I do wonder (and maybe his wife and son could answer) does he look the eccentric (similar to what Beethoven would have perhaps looked like) as much as we all imagine when he’s composing something new? 🙂

I don’t necessarily have a favorite piece on this CD yet.Although they are all Waltzes, some of the compositions like the Waltz in E Flat Minor sounds quite modern to me. It’s almost haunting!And then going on to the Waltz in F Major, which is very traditional. I canimagine this piece on harpsichord as well! Very, very light and pretty! They are all quality works! What makes this so good,Christopher artfully tells a story on the piano and it is up to the listener to interpret and incorporate what they hear in to their moment. Timeless!

Bravo, Christopher!!

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Jane Austen on audio books

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of work with my hands and haven’t had enough time to pick up a book and read. So I’ve done the next best thing by listening to audio books as I’m painting or working on other tasks. Currently I am listening to an unabridged version of Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

I will probably buy the book to read in order toÂgain an even betterÂidea of some of the visuals you see in your”mind’s eye”Âsometimes while reading.

I’m a big Jane Austen fan and Northanger Abbey is going on my “must own” list! I see it’s also been made in to a movie and will add that to my list as well.

Have a terrific weekend! 🙂

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Another MUST Read

I was able to catch a bit of a very interestingÂsession on C-Span’s BookTV this morning with Andrei Piontkovsky, author of Another Look into Putin’s Soul.

Unfortunately at this time I am unable to locate a link to view this discussion online. Hopefully C-Span will air it again soon.

Another Look into Putin’s Soul is a book that is going to the top of my “Must Read” list. Some subjects that were touched on during the Q&A session were Russian oil exports,Âthe Caspian Sea and how this relates to Iran. I did not catch theÂentire comments about land or water rights in regard to this subject. It is also very interesting that Russia views the success of Ukraine as aÂthreat. What caught my attention in this regard is not just that the Russian leaders are threatened; it is the degree in which they are threatened and why. I would like to learn more about relations between Russia and Iran, as wellÂas their generalÂForeign Policy.

To view articles by Andrei Piontkovsky visit The JamesTown Foundation andÂthe Hudson Institute

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Spending Smart

Today is Summer Solstice, the longest day of sunshine (or not, depending on where you live) of the year.
I always look forward to this day because I know that from today on the day light hours will be getting shorter and shorter till autumn and then… CHRISTMAS! (Said like a little kid looking out the window for Santa.)
Every year I swear that I will get shopping for the last half of the year birthdays and Christmas done early. So far my plans haveÂnot completelyÂcome to reality, but that doesn’t stop me!
So this morning I am looking at financial planning and making sureÂmyÂplans are in place for the rest of this year and beyond.
Below are a couple of useful links:
Clark Howard (who doesn’t love Clark?! I like his radio show and his site is full of good tips and information)
Tomorrow’s Money (budget planning)

And just for fun, here’s aÂquiz on figuring out whether you are a Financial Diva (for the ladies of course).
I am a Financial Diva in Training… eh hem

Financial Diva in Training!
Financial Diva in Training
You try your hardest to save money and get ahead in your expenses, but sometimes new trendy clothes or your daily Venti Frappuccino habit seems to get in the way of becoming that Ultimate Financial Diva. While you might not always
have extra spending money everyday, you splurge when you deserve it …and
who doesn’t deserve it every once in a while!

out what kind of finacial diva you are!
at Womens-Finance.com



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