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More news from Colorado

Joshua Sharf From View from a Height Blog hasÂpostedÂsomeÂinteresting thoughtsÂon the possibleÂforthcoming Atlas Shrugged the movie. I’m still reserved about getting too excited because it’s been “in the works” for what seems like ages.Â
I agree with Joshua that it’s going to be difficult to make a movie as good as the book. While it could be an exciting creative adventure, a result anything less than excellent is not good enough. I think it’ll be a stressful project.

Joshua hasÂalso postedÂmore pictures of my mountains! Makes me soooo homesick!

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Meaning in words…

I continuously add to my list of terms to further define.
Below are just a few:
* dogmatism
* other non-religious definitions
* nihilism

I remember my father describing some of what Friedrich Nietzsche believed, and while most of what he (Dad) said probably went right over my head, I remember being repulsed. So far from what I have read, I don’t have much of an interest in learning more about Nietzsche for my own development, but I have found some the terms associated with him interesting and wonder if having a better general understanding of this and other philosophies will help me with my grand quest of learning to communicate effectively. It’s important to check our own premise, assumptions and bias, as I have found I’ve used some terms incorrectly in the past causing great misunderstandings unless or until I clarify.

Well, learning is never-ending. While doing so – we live. Hopefully most days with a smile. 😉 (Yes, I say so though I’ve been quite a grumpy lately myself.)

“Be moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance.” ~Epicurus

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Russian excellence

I just spent about 30 minutes doing some research on someone who gave an absolutely fascinating interview on a morning news program. I was so impressed by their knowledge and ability to share something that I hadn’t known before, that I was going to prop them up here – if for no other reason than to track the story for myself in the future.

I hate when I am so excited about something one minute and after doing a bit of research – completely disillusioned.

c’est la vie

Here is one that I am happy about

My husband referred a site to me that will continue to help me develop my Russian language skills. Now this lady is impressive!

*See A Spoonful of Russian.

From what I have read, Natalia seems down to earth, intelligent, a good teacher and obviously her family is very important to her.
This is the kind of lady I can learn from.

I sure wish I could find people like that around here…

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Good use of time…

This looks interesting…

Joshua Sharf from View From a Height Blog says that they will be discussing Francisco’s speech about money from Atlas Shrugged in an LPR (Leadership Program of the Rockies) meeting.

Wish I could be there! 🙂

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Prodos interview with Andrew Bernstein

While working on my files this afternoon I listened to a very good Prodos interview with Andrew Bernstein about his most recent book called The Capitalist Manifesto.
I can’t wait to get this book and learn more about the history behind capitalism.

I’ve always found it fascinating to learn about how Europe (in particular) tried to transform from feudalism to a modern society, and I think this book will be enlightening in that regard.

I highly recommend the interview as Prodos keeps the show interesting and informative!

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New Link and Recommendations

I have added a link to Sydney Kendall Says to the Pro-Reason Links section of this blog.
Check out her blog when you can! Sydney’s articles are eloquently written and very thought provoking! She’s brought up excellent topics for discussion – from international affairs to the issues pertaining to Hurricane Katrina. 🙂

Martin, thank you for sharing a link to an article on TIA Daily by Robert Tracinski titled – An Unnatural Disaster: A Hurricane Exposes the Man-Made Disaster of the Welfare State. I’m sorry I missed his radio interview the other day.

I’m so glad the season premiere for House begins on September 13th!

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Today in History

September 8th was the Siege of Leningrad (Saint Petersburg).

Someday I would love to visit several of the “Hero Cities” in the former Soviet Union.
It would be amazing to be able to visit the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts!
Also, life would not be complete without visiting the cities and landscapes which inspired various authors such as:

*Fyodor Dostoyevsky
*Alexander Pushkin
*Ayn Rand (an inspiring American)
*Leo Tolstoy

As I continue to study Russian language, I will share another excellent link to Study Russian Literature online.

Film recommendations for today:
*Doctor Zhivago based on a novel by Boris Pasternak
*Enemy at the Gates
*Onegin based on a novel by Alexander Pushkin ! directed by Martha Fiennes, starring her brother Ralph Fiennes.

My pick for quote of the day – “Some men go through a forest and see no firewood.” ~English Proverb

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Russian tongue twisters

It’s always kind of fun to read another language out loud.

I bet it’d be really funny for someone who speaks Russian as their first language to listen to people like me read these tongue twisters! 😀

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Hey, those are my mountains!

Joshua, from View from a Height Blog, once again has made me feel completely homesick by posting photos from MY mountains! 😉

Besides posting incredible pictures of beautiful Colorado and the surrounding area, Joshua has a brilliant blog – where he writes about various subjects relating to business, book reviews, movie reviews, terrorism, and local as well as national politics.

Last year, Joshua was very kind to have ventured out to find and take a picture of my favorite house in Denver, which you can see here. I recommend scrolling through his Parade of Homes. My husband and I laughed so hard at his very witty comments! 🙂

Here’s a picture I took with our “older” digital camera last time we were home. This is taken from the top of Red Rocks looking south.
Red Rocks - Morrison, Colorado
I grew up near here and used to hike up here with my brother and our neighbor friends.

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This morning we were able to watch an absolutely phenomenal landing of Space Shuttle Discovery on NASA tv.

Almost 2 weeks ago I was so excited to have been able to watch and hear the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery right from my own front yard!
It was a little disappointing the shuttle was not able to return to KSC. I heard sounds between 4 – 4:30am and looked at the clock, but due to the time I knew it was not the sonic booms we’d hoped to hear.

February 2002 we waited with baited breath to hear the sonic booms of Space Shuttle Columbia. I remember the morning all too clearly, watching the clouds, alarmed – as we all realized NASA lost communication with the shuttle crew. We wondered if we would see shuttle parts falling from the sky. We wondered if it had anything to do with terrorism (the mind wanders in traumatic events). It was a terrible morning.

This morning we have a different, much happier experience and story! 🙂

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