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All This Work and New Design Options

Thanks to Prodos and all for all of your work!  I’m itching to play with new blog options and will spend a bit of time explore around here now to see how to play with blog appearance.  Word Press seems a bit more sophisticated in some aspects than other blog formats, so this will be interesting. 🙂
Just for fun, I’ll add one of my more recent sketches that will make its way to canvas (eventually).

watching the fisherman

watching the fisherman

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I love being inspired to try something new… while creating images on the computer is not new to me, I find that I have no patience for something if I can’t touch the canvas and smell the paints. However, I was challenged to create a seascape… here are the first two stages and I’ll add more over time. A pirate ship, a pirate, a parrot, and a bottle of rum may be in order as well. 😉

seascape phase 1

seascape phase 2
seascape phase 3 - creating contrast

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more practice

Happy New Year! I have no resolutions for 2008.When I am resolved to do something, I usually just do it.I find it’s generally best when I think things through first though.

Yesterday I was working on a landscape painting which almost ended up inthe trash – Iwas so frustrated. However, I painted over what I was unhappy with and will begin fresh later.Landscapes are not easy for me because I still have to work on perspective. So I have been doodlingwith tips from an old pencil book. And of course when I am in such a mood I tend to think of what I would rather be working on and that is faces. It’s fun to capture a face and imagine the story behind it.

landscape sketch – practicing perspective

sketchfor a future painting – a face that is interesting

a portion of a painting from a couple of years ago – lesson from this… not to rush

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Wall Painting Technique and Inspirations

As always, the Holiday Season is crazy busy around here. Things will settle down soon enough, then I can get back to a normal’ish routine.

The purpose of posting today is to bring attention to an amazingly beautiful wall painting technique and the inspirational house (or villa) that I saw on the Debbie TravisÂprogram called The Painted House (she hosts another equally good show called Facelift). I’d been discussing interior decorating ideas with a friend who is inspired by the colors of Northern Italy that very day! So the timing was perfect and maybe she will apply some of thisÂtechnique while painting in her home. 🙂

The episode was called “Under the Italian Sun“. The painting techniques of interest are how to create a soft wall color and texture using glaze, as well as a marbling technique.

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