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Month: June 2005

Designs and misc.

Okay, I need more coffee and my reading glasses to figure out how and if I can customize this blog design. Very exciting!

This is my first post on Thinker to Thinker – and I am motivated to make this a fun spot to visit!

But first, I will guzzle down my delicious hazelnut coffee, find those glasses and create a menu to cover the next 4 days. Gads, I am in a recipe rut but absolutely NOTHING sounds good. Well, except blueberries and waffles.

ta ta for now…

Update: I’m pretty happy with this theme for now. Blue, calm, pretty. Groovy!
Not enough coffee this morning. I’m off – it’s raining – but it’s lovely looking over the pond.

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Hooray for Capitalism & Creativity!

Congratulations on your new THINKER TO THINKER blog!

Edit or delete this message, then start blogging!

((I have edited this post – but find it’s too clever to delete! 🙂 – Elizabeth))

If you’re so happy you feel you really MUST sing: CLICK HERE!


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