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Month: August 2005

Hey, those are my mountains!

Joshua, from View from a Height Blog, once again has made me feel completely homesick by posting photos from MY mountains! 😉

Besides posting incredible pictures of beautiful Colorado and the surrounding area, Joshua has a brilliant blog – where he writes about various subjects relating to business, book reviews, movie reviews, terrorism, and local as well as national politics.

Last year, Joshua was very kind to have ventured out to find and take a picture of my favorite house in Denver, which you can see here. I recommend scrolling through his Parade of Homes. My husband and I laughed so hard at his very witty comments! 🙂

Here’s a picture I took with our “older” digital camera last time we were home. This is taken from the top of Red Rocks looking south.
Red Rocks - Morrison, Colorado
I grew up near here and used to hike up here with my brother and our neighbor friends.

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Color the World

When working on design for someone else it’s very important to take personality, product, and message and target audience in to consideration.

I found a good site using del.icio.us on color palette trends.
*Colour Lovers

*Websitetips on color meaning and psychology.

Here is another site that provides excellent information on color psychology.
*Color Matters

For more on graphics and animation see The Gimp and Paint Shop Pro.

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This morning we were able to watch an absolutely phenomenal landing of Space Shuttle Discovery on NASA tv.

Almost 2 weeks ago I was so excited to have been able to watch and hear the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery right from my own front yard!
It was a little disappointing the shuttle was not able to return to KSC. I heard sounds between 4 – 4:30am and looked at the clock, but due to the time I knew it was not the sonic booms we’d hoped to hear.

February 2002 we waited with baited breath to hear the sonic booms of Space Shuttle Columbia. I remember the morning all too clearly, watching the clouds, alarmed – as we all realized NASA lost communication with the shuttle crew. We wondered if we would see shuttle parts falling from the sky. We wondered if it had anything to do with terrorism (the mind wanders in traumatic events). It was a terrible morning.

This morning we have a different, much happier experience and story! 🙂

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Design Projects

I have several projects that I am preparing for over the next couple of months. Now that the kids are back in school I am able to dedicate at least part time hours toward self study and creating.

Here are some valuable links on design, layouts as well as a very fun home project that anyone can do ! making your own home movies using still photos, video, audio, etc

Principles of Design from Digital Web Magazine

Typography and Page Layout (a free tutorial)

My favorite magazine is Dynamic Graphics. It has all the latest on color trends, type and color, building a portfolio and much more!

I’ve noticed that color varies slightly depending on which browser I am using, particularly firefox.
For more on web safe color see: Web Developer’s Journal

Creating slide shows and video, an easy and fun way to go is using Windows Movie Maker. Here is a free online tutorial for Movie Maker 2. Here is a good article from Galan Bridgman on how to burn your movie to DVD.

Next I want to document how to take old recordings from cassette tape, record to the computer and then to CD. My husband has done this for me before. I am wondering if the audio can be cleaned up on the computer before putting it on a CD.

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