We had a splendid Thanksgiving with lots of good fixin’s prepared by the Master Chef himself (my husband).

Though he had vacation last week, it seemed we didn’t have a moments rest. We had lots to get done and it seemed like every moment was too precious to relax until all of the tasks were crossed off the list. All of the Christmas shopping for out of town friends and family is now complete and shipped off.

I spent hours working on family videos and was so exhilarated by the projects myself that I had to have a box of tissues handy as I wept and laughed in front of my own computer. How I love playing with anything creative! It’s never “work” to me.

Our daughter had her first concert at Disney of this Holiday Season the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Poor thing fainted as they neared the end of the last song of the evening. She’s okay now though. 🙂

As we closed the week, we were finally able to relax and watch a good film called Goodbye Lenin!
It was about a young man trying to recreate Socialist East Germany prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall as he felt it best for his mother’s health. I really enjoyed his friend who wanted to become a great film producer and helped him create stories to cover why there was a huge Coca Cola sign hanging on the building across from his mother’s bedroom and explain the number of former West Germans moving and mixing about in “East Germany”. The sad thing however, is that I don’t think the young man ever understood how much his mother really didn’t love Socialism.
She and her husband had agreed to escape East Germany, but after he left, she feared so much for the safety of their children that she was paralyzed to leave herself. I won’t write much more about it as it would spoil the whole thing, but I highly recommend the film!

Prodos e-mailed all Thinker to Thinker bloggers with links to informative Video Tutorials on blogging. I think this was a fantastic idea as I am the kind of person who learns hands on. If I have to read and re-read instructions it will take twice as long to absorb anything. Grazie! 😀

Online Reading Recommendations:
1. Joshua Sharf from View From a Height Blog wrote about a subject I am very interested in called “Strange Bedfellows“. I haven’t been able to formulate my thoughts completely on the matter yet , to date I have not read anything comprehensive and broad enough. But Joshua’s article really has me thinking

2. Brian Micklethwait wrote about his own “aha” sort of moment about Roman history on Samizdata called “Roman virtues and vices, and ours”. In this article Brian is refers to a television program called Rome, which I haven’t seen available yet in America, but it looks like it must be really good!

My novel of the week is Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. As I get older I understand many things in a much different light than I did years ago.

Well, the Season is upon us.
2005 has flashed by and 2006 is waiting to say “Ciao!”. I feel like I’m standing on the curb waving to the yearly parade as the days pass me by.

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” -Mark Twain

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