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Month: April 2006

Cool Tools

My husband sent me a link for a very cool new graphics tutorial he found via LifeHacker.

This is from a clever site called Receding Hairline, which demonstrates how to create a “fake model” image.

Though I do not have Photoshop, I should be able to do the same kind of thing in Paint Shop Pro or Gimp.

Also, I’ve run in to a bit of a problem trying to find easier ways to create picture book illustrations and I saw that Sydney Kendall posted a bit about her learning process for her own projects.
Check out her post on “Learning 3-D Art”. It’s amazing!

Well, today I have much running around to do and while I am in the car I will be listening to one of my favorite car CD’s (assuming someone else has not borrowed it) from Keith Urban.
Here is one of my favorite songs from his album Be Here, called ‘Making Memories of Us’.

Enjoy and have a great weekend! 🙂

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The Good…

Sometimes gardening is the best medicine for the soul. It’s nice to take a break from everything else and watch the flowers grow, weed the garden beds, watch the lizards on the rocks, and listen to the birds sing.

I think that’s one of the reasons I love some of the works by John William Waterhouse so much. One of my favorites which I think reflects how it is – is called “My Sweet Rose“.

This morning my neighbor gave me some seeds to start a magnolia tree and I can’t wait to see the results, no matter how much time it takes to grow.

Currently I am reading and participating in a book discussion on The Victory of Reason.
Other books I have on hand:
The Catholic Church, A short History by Hans Kung (Thank you Dad ! if you ever read this)
The Aristotle Adventure by Burgess Laughlin
Mediaeval History by Carl Stephenson (Thanks to Morgan who knew how much I love history)
Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand by Leonard Peikoff (recently re-read Chapter 8 ! Virtue)

USSR A Concise History ! 4th Edition by Basil Dmytryshyn (Given to me by my brother and aids me on my quest of understanding some of the history between Russia and the Middle East ! which is a secondary interest I am pursuing as time avails.)

With all activities planned over the next few days, this is my Friday. Have a terrific weekend!

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Flying time…

eh… I just couldn’t bring myself to say “time flies”. But that’s the essence of what I am thinking right now.
Right now… see? Another implication of “time”. hohoho

Recently I realized that I’d neglected to announce that I’ve added 2 links to the Pro-Reason section of this blog:
*Christopher Schlegel (a very knowledgeable and talented musician, inspiring as an artist!)
*American Renaissance (Steven Brockerman, very interesting intellectual blog)

Before it gets too warm to play in the garden, I will be heading out to kill aphids, ants, and avoid snakes. Today we expect temperatures to reach around 90 and there hasn’t been a hint of rain for weeks. Certainly this hurricane season will make up for that, so I won’t complain.

Click here for more information on the 2006 Season Hurricane Forecast.

Have a terrific weekend! 😀

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