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Month: August 2006


Just keeping a sort of log. Maybe we’ll be lucky and the wind won’t be too bad.

Song of the week – Seminole Wind by John Anderson. I’ve been humming it all morning.

To hear the song click here.

8/29 around noon Update: Just outside deciding what to bring in (chimes, etc.) and saw that the lawn mower guy was stuck in the mud again next to the pond behind the house. I offered to help – but probably freaked him out because I was rambling on in English making a fumbled attempt at sign language with the offer. Someone else was on his way on his riding mower to help him but ran over a drain “thing” in my neighbors yard and had to go around another way. My neighbor caught up withÂthat guyÂvery quickly to make sure they’ll fix the damage.
I came in to check on whether I really need to bother. The excitement level around here is relatively minimal. As my neighbor said, “This is a baby storm compared to the other ones we’ve experienced the last couple of years.” And he’s right.
Think I’ll line up what movies to watch tomorrow and maybe everyone will be home and we can play Risk or Monopoly. 🙂

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I can’t believe how quickly this summer has flown by! Even with a few little bumps in the road, all in allÂ2006 has been a good year so far.
We were able to get to St. Augustine again. I love the atmosphere of the place, andÂthere isÂsuch good artistic energy! PlusÂI love to breathe the sea air!
Maybe I am a complete weirdo (and I am), but when I travel other places I try to get a glimpse of what life is really like for the people who live there.
Well, this is someone else’s cat, on their porch, in their town. Ah, he’s cute!
I also wonder how the soldiers tolerated the heat and humidity minus air conditioning at Castillo de San Marcos. TheÂbelow photo is of soldiers sleeping quarters.
You know, I bet it stayed relatively cool there. The only thing I may have found to gripe about had I had to live there in the “olden days” is if I didn’t have GOOD coffee!

Have aÂgreat weekend! :)Â

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Today will be good

The first time I woke up this morning I’d been dreaming that I had a bear trap piercing my skull.
I opened my eyes and immediately wished I hadn’t. The pain from behind my eyes seemed to stab my brain.

We have plenty of cold and allergy meds and I went straight for the decongestants. My husband brought me some Advil and water too. I sat on the couch and gradually the pain began to subside.

The phone rang rather early. It was the man we hired to paint the house. He wanted to come over a little sooner than scheduled to do some prep work. Man, is he ever thorough and good! He did such a fantastic job with our old house that I have full confidence here too! As he was getting ready to leave I gave him the paint chips for our colors. We talked a little about color and the quality of materials our builder had used when building the house (good quality!), and as we talked I recognized something absolutely thrilling – someone else who works to create the perfect visual picture!

Every bit of landscaping I do is visually pleasing from every angle; colors harmonize and have plenty of potential to look beautiful long term. It’s something I could appreciate so much about Monet – using plants and flowers to create the perfect painting.

Anyway, the painter told me not to worry about cutting back some of the plants today. I’d been psyched to sing the Lumberjack song whilst working outside today. It works out well for me though, considering how I felt when I woke up!

Since my topic is light today – I thought I’d also add a link to a video for a song my son recommended by Gnarls Barkley called Crazy. Check out their site here too. I see they’ve done another version of “Gone Daddy Gone”. 🙂

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