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Month: December 2006

Wall Painting Technique and Inspirations

As always, the Holiday Season is crazy busy around here. Things will settle down soon enough, then I can get back to a normal’ish routine.

The purpose of posting today is to bring attention to an amazingly beautiful wall painting technique and the inspirational house (or villa) that I saw on the Debbie TravisÂprogram called The Painted House (she hosts another equally good show called Facelift). I’d been discussing interior decorating ideas with a friend who is inspired by the colors of Northern Italy that very day! So the timing was perfect and maybe she will apply some of thisÂtechnique while painting in her home. 🙂

The episode was called “Under the Italian Sun“. The painting techniques of interest are how to create a soft wall color and texture using glaze, as well as a marbling technique.

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