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Month: January 2008

Highland Games 2008

Yesterday was a perfect day for the Scottish Highland Games in Central Florida. We started out the day withheavy fog, chilly temperatures,and some mist. There were lots of games, dancing, BEER, and vendors galore! The food was good although I am very picky. Of course I did not try haggis… don’t bother to ask.

It was fun to watchsome of the historic re-enactments. Below is anexample of blacksmithing. (the fire extinquisher is modern and likely mandatory for insurance purposes.)

There were lessons on border collie training and sheepherding. The dogs were full of energy and adorable!BorderCollies08

Sheaf tossing is another traditionalgame eventat Highland Games. Someone set a new record, but I have yet to find the details.SheafToss08

The pipe bands were amazing to listen to, as always!

And of course the sun decided to pop out in time to sit on the grass in a mini-amphitheater. The below photo is of Rathkeltair. Click here, then go to Audio to hear some of their music. Impressive!I think my 2 favorites are King For A Day and Pretty Too was great live as well! 🙂Rathkeltair08

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more practice

Happy New Year! I have no resolutions for 2008.When I am resolved to do something, I usually just do it.I find it’s generally best when I think things through first though.

Yesterday I was working on a landscape painting which almost ended up inthe trash – Iwas so frustrated. However, I painted over what I was unhappy with and will begin fresh later.Landscapes are not easy for me because I still have to work on perspective. So I have been doodlingwith tips from an old pencil book. And of course when I am in such a mood I tend to think of what I would rather be working on and that is faces. It’s fun to capture a face and imagine the story behind it.

landscape sketch – practicing perspective

sketchfor a future painting – a face that is interesting

a portion of a painting from a couple of years ago – lesson from this… not to rush

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