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Month: December 2008

Blog Personality Analysis

Recently Martin posted something on a blog personality analysis generator. The Typealyzer does state that what is generated may or may not be the blog authors real personality. Which is true in my case, as it comes up with personality type ESTP (the doer) for this blog. In actuality, according to my Myers-Briggs results, I am INTJ.
(oh and the gender analyzer had me wrong too – maybe I need to write more flowery or something?:) )

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Interesting Film Reviews

I have added a link for my friend Nigel’s blog called, I Spit On Your Taste. Nigel is a film buff and has a fantastic way of writing about a unique niche of movies including Italian horror films. There seems to be a large fan base for Z rated films in Europe as well as the US.

As noted by Steve at The Last Picture Show blog (also a verygood film review blog), Nigel’s new blog is developing nicely. Keep it up, Nig!

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