Day to day life can be very busy, and I’ve never been one to appreciate drama. So it’s always been very important for me to journal. Not only is writing a way to reflect on feelings about everything going on, but it’s also a way to keep perspective. Especially when there is a lot going on, it would be far too easy to confuse what we’d like reality tobe vs reality. And if we attempt to reflect on something disingenuous (maybe not even purposefully so) we really don’t progress.

Another excellent way of reducing stress is exercise. I find being outside and walking helpful, and it’s great to get as much sun as possible during the winter time. What’s really great is hitting a ball as hard and as far as possible with a good, solid baseball bat! 🙂
Here are some tips on exercise for stress reduction.

Looking forward to 2009! And wishing all good things for my fellow Thinker to Thinker bloggers and friends! Given all of the serious changes in the world, there will be some interesting stories to blog about.

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