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Month: February 2009

All This Work and New Design Options

Thanks to Prodos and all for all of your work!  I’m itching to play with new blog options and will spend a bit of time explore around here now to see how to play with blog appearance.  Word Press seems a bit more sophisticated in some aspects than other blog formats, so this will be interesting. 🙂
Just for fun, I’ll add one of my more recent sketches that will make its way to canvas (eventually).

watching the fisherman

watching the fisherman

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Russian Poet, Pushkin

This is my last post for the day, and one I am most excited about finding!!

As an absolute fan of Russian Literature and Poetry, I was thrilled to find a site on Alexander Pushkin which not only provides a translation of his poems from Russian to English, but also… they are downloadable to listen to in various formats including mp3! Yay!! I hope anyone who may read this post finds being able to listen to the poemsjust as exciting!

* for more!!

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Skin Recovery; the effects of winter on our skin

Since moving to Florida I rarely experience dry skin. While living in Colorado, on the other hand, dry skin during the winter months was always a constant battle. This winter seems to be a little cooler than normal in Florida, and while the effects of this weather is nothing in compared to what my northern neighbors experience… I still find a need to use a good lotion and try to stay on top ofallowing weather to cause unecessary skin damage.

Below are some links that I find interesting and useful, particularly those related to skin healthy foods. 🙂
* Correcting skin damage
* “Best foods for skin” (which includes one of my favorites… blueberries!!!)
* “7 Miracle Foods for Healthy Skin

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Favorite Super Bowl Ads

I did not follow the season for either team in the Super Bowl. The only reason I decided to cheer for the Cardinals is because I like the cardinal bird. I must say though, that the story about Kurt Warner, AZ Cardinals quarterback, is very inspirational!
Half time featuring Bruce Springsteen was energetic. Very “all American”!

The best part of the evening was looking at Super Bowl ads.
My favorites include the following:
1. “Heroes vs. NFL” (Of course! John Elway, #7 of the Denver Broncos as a Super Hero that saves the day… almost) 🙂
2. “LMAO Syndrome” (Hilarious!)
3. “Pepsi Max – I’m Good” (also very funny and in a strange way… true!)

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