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Russian excellence

I just spent about 30 minutes doing some research on someone who gave an absolutely fascinating interview on a morning news program. I was so impressed by their knowledge and ability to share something that I hadn’t known before, that I was going to prop them up here – if for no other reason than to track the story for myself in the future.

I hate when I am so excited about something one minute and after doing a bit of research – completely disillusioned.

c’est la vie

Here is one that I am happy about

My husband referred a site to me that will continue to help me develop my Russian language skills. Now this lady is impressive!

*See A Spoonful of Russian.

From what I have read, Natalia seems down to earth, intelligent, a good teacher and obviously her family is very important to her.
This is the kind of lady I can learn from.

I sure wish I could find people like that around here…

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  1. Elizabeth, that’s too sweet:) I am glad you found my podcast helpful.

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  2. Thank you so much for commenting, Natalia! 🙂

    Have a terrific day!

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