Hence the Elizabethan

A weed or a wild flower, depends on my mood

Flying time…

eh… I just couldn’t bring myself to say “time flies”. But that’s the essence of what I am thinking right now.
Right now… see? Another implication of “time”. hohoho

Recently I realized that I’d neglected to announce that I’ve added 2 links to the Pro-Reason section of this blog:
*Christopher Schlegel (a very knowledgeable and talented musician, inspiring as an artist!)
*American Renaissance (Steven Brockerman, very interesting intellectual blog)

Before it gets too warm to play in the garden, I will be heading out to kill aphids, ants, and avoid snakes. Today we expect temperatures to reach around 90 and there hasn’t been a hint of rain for weeks. Certainly this hurricane season will make up for that, so I won’t complain.

Click here for more information on the 2006 Season Hurricane Forecast.

Have a terrific weekend! 😀

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  1. I thank you very kindly for the mention & link.

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  2. Absolutely Christopher! Your Guitar Sonatas are incredible! 🙂

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