Hence the Elizabethan

A weed or a wild flower, depends on my mood

The Good…

Sometimes gardening is the best medicine for the soul. It’s nice to take a break from everything else and watch the flowers grow, weed the garden beds, watch the lizards on the rocks, and listen to the birds sing.

I think that’s one of the reasons I love some of the works by John William Waterhouse so much. One of my favorites which I think reflects how it is – is called “My Sweet Rose“.

This morning my neighbor gave me some seeds to start a magnolia tree and I can’t wait to see the results, no matter how much time it takes to grow.

Currently I am reading and participating in a book discussion on The Victory of Reason.
Other books I have on hand:
The Catholic Church, A short History by Hans Kung (Thank you Dad ! if you ever read this)
The Aristotle Adventure by Burgess Laughlin
Mediaeval History by Carl Stephenson (Thanks to Morgan who knew how much I love history)
Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand by Leonard Peikoff (recently re-read Chapter 8 ! Virtue)

USSR A Concise History ! 4th Edition by Basil Dmytryshyn (Given to me by my brother and aids me on my quest of understanding some of the history between Russia and the Middle East ! which is a secondary interest I am pursuing as time avails.)

With all activities planned over the next few days, this is my Friday. Have a terrific weekend!

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  1. I highly suggest reading the Hans Kung book on the Catholic Church. My reaction after plowing through it was one of sweet relief. Finally, a Christian who thinks!

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  2. So far I’ve read the intro and part of chapter one, but can see this is going to be very enlightening! The book I’m reading right now is good, as a lover of history it’s nice to learn some new facts – but just how some progress is credited to Christianity is still not proven – IMO.

    Had a good talk with Dad about all of it. I’m really glad he sent the book. 🙂

    Will talk to you this weekend and I love you dearly!

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