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Good day to take off?

Update 3:01pm ET: What a greatÂlaunch for the 4th of July! HOORAY! :) This is a view from our front yard.

What a day for Space Shuttle Discovery to take off! The last 2 scheduled departure dates were no-go due to weather. I woke up this morning thinking it justÂmay happen today! However, it’s partly cloudly and there is currently some light rain at my location.

So now I’m looking at radar and NASA TV. The clouds are rather spotty and the sky is blue at the Cape, so keeping fingers crossed that all goes well!
If the clouds move out quickly, we should have a clear view of take-off in less than 1 hour.

*NASA Launch and weather radar
*NASA TV for a live stream

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  1. zigory

    Inspiring photo! I lived in Orlando in 1989 and I’ll never forget the two occasions when I saw space shuttles launch. I never got a chance to see a launch from the Space Center itself, but it is very easy to see the rocket shoot up from as far away as Orlando. Both times, it lit up the sky, and seemed like a reversed natural phenomenon, like a shooting star that was shooting up instead of down. It’s totally natural for human beings to create a shooting star that defies gravity rather than obeys it! The straight line up of the trajectory, combined with night skies turning into daylight skies, and the knowledge that this is not a random asteroid but a man-made event, hits you emotionally. If you never witnessed it before, the emotion is a surprise.

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  2. Elizabeth

    Isn’t it fantastic?! It’s also kind of funny and good to hear the sonic booms as the shuttles come in for a landing. If you’re not prepared it can scare you! But after Columbia – it’s also a relief to hear those sounds.

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