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Another MUST Read

I was able to catch a bit of a very interestingÂsession on C-Span’s BookTV this morning with Andrei Piontkovsky, author of Another Look into Putin’s Soul.

Unfortunately at this time I am unable to locate a link to view this discussion online. Hopefully C-Span will air it again soon.

Another Look into Putin’s Soul is a book that is going to the top of my “Must Read” list. Some subjects that were touched on during the Q&A session were Russian oil exports,Âthe Caspian Sea and how this relates to Iran. I did not catch theÂentire comments about land or water rights in regard to this subject. It is also very interesting that Russia views the success of Ukraine as aÂthreat. What caught my attention in this regard is not just that the Russian leaders are threatened; it is the degree in which they are threatened and why. I would like to learn more about relations between Russia and Iran, as wellÂas their generalÂForeign Policy.

To view articles by Andrei Piontkovsky visit The JamesTown Foundation andÂthe Hudson Institute

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  1. Beslan is a subject I am interested in, but Piontkovsky’s article about it at the
    Hudson Institute is difficult to follow, perhaps in part because I am relatively
    ignorant and don’t know about the various people and events named. I hope to become more
    conversant with them.

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  2. I’m always interested in learning more too. It’s fascinating to try to connect the dots
    as far as some people, organizations, and governments are concerned. How does one
    interact with the other, the influences, and the reasons behind them.
    How do the Russian and Chinese governments deal with terrorism compared to Europe and
    the US – and so on.
    Not to be paranoid, but it’s useful to me to pay attention to what is going on around us.
    In some ways I wonder whether and how current events are tied together. Like – what
    was the purpose of Hezbollah to cross the border with Israel, murder and kidnap Israeli
    soldiers. The only answer I can come up with so far is – to instigate.
    I ask myself, how this ties together with everything else? And I won’t rely on one source
    to form my opinions.

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