Sometimes the stress of our everyday lives can be a little overwhelming. At times all one can do is to try to control our reactions to the little pins and pricks that happen upon our daily lives.

I love to fill our home with perks that invoke a sense of inner peace, making our surroundings a refuge from the rest of the world. It’s good to consider what is appealing to every member of the family, from sense of taste (my husbands department), smell, sight, touch, and sound.

I am a more visual person; highly influenced by sounds around me, especially music. While painting, reading, writing or just sitting back and clearing the mind, it is wonderful to be able to listen to beautiful music.

A while back, my friend Christopher Schlegel mentioned that he will be releasing a new Solo Classical Guitar Sonatas CD. My husband and I were enthusiastic to hear it! As with other music, Christopher has demonstrated an amazing talent as a musician and composer, and are we ever pleased!

My husband listens to Christopher’s Classical Guitar Sonatas everyday on his long journey home from work. I love to listen while I am reading and painting as well! We highly recommend giving a listen to everyone we know!

Christopher’s music is completely original. His Guitar Sonatas ring ofÂtranquility and elegant simplicity and while not completely Spanish in style, I would compare the lovely memorable sounds to Isaac Albeniz on guitar.

My husband still can’t pick a favorite tune on this CD as he enjoys them all, but I still have to say that my favorite is #5, “Novice” Guitar Sonata in C Major – Allegro. BRAVO!!! I like to sing along in harmony making up a lullaby sort of story.

For more information about Christopher Schlegel and the release of his latest CD’s click here.
Also seeÂChristopher perform his own Guitar Sonata in A major “Opus Primo” Movement 1 “Allegro” or the classic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

updated – in addition see Zigory’s post on “Music:ÂSchlegel, and Genesis Reintepreted”.

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