I can’t believe how quickly this summer has flown by! Even with a few little bumps in the road, all in allÂ2006 has been a good year so far.
We were able to get to St. Augustine again. I love the atmosphere of the place, andÂthere isÂsuch good artistic energy! PlusÂI love to breathe the sea air!
Maybe I am a complete weirdo (and I am), but when I travel other places I try to get a glimpse of what life is really like for the people who live there.
Well, this is someone else’s cat, on their porch, in their town. Ah, he’s cute!
I also wonder how the soldiers tolerated the heat and humidity minus air conditioning at Castillo de San Marcos. TheÂbelow photo is of soldiers sleeping quarters.
You know, I bet it stayed relatively cool there. The only thing I may have found to gripe about had I had to live there in the “olden days” is if I didn’t have GOOD coffee!

Have aÂgreat weekend! :)Â

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