I have looked for a website that lists proper tip (the $ kind) etiquette and while doing so have come across other good (proper) etiquette information.

While I have not worked in an office setting for a few years, my husband has worked for the same company since he was in high school, minus serving active duty in the military for 3 years. Since high school he has risen through the company from the records department. It is very important to observe proper workplace etiquette as well as dressing for success. Years ago when I worked for a large telecommunications company and went through training they stressed dressing for success second only to providing the best customer service possible. (Too bad the company did not seem to act upon their once most important business rule of thumb – IMO)
Tips on Dressing for Success
Tips on Career Etiquette

Recently I was talking with Martin via Skype and we discussed some of our humorous translations turned miscommunication stories. This discussion also reminded me of issues my husband and I discussed with our daughter prior to sending her to Europe last year. While doing a search on cultural etiquette I came across a site that is geared toward US etiquette, and I asked myself – since when do Americans have manners?! (just kidding… sort of) But cultural etiquette is very important as I have learned living in a Russian community in Denver as well as living in a Korean community in Los Angeles.
Tips on Etiquette in the US

Finally, I did find a site on proper tip suggestions (will add to this over time).
“How to tip properly”

😀 Best of all! 😀 I found an excellent Etiquette site via Neal Boortz !
Redneck Etiquette

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