Just keeping a sort of log. Maybe we’ll be lucky and the wind won’t be too bad.

Song of the week – Seminole Wind by John Anderson. I’ve been humming it all morning.

To hear the song click here.

8/29 around noon Update: Just outside deciding what to bring in (chimes, etc.) and saw that the lawn mower guy was stuck in the mud again next to the pond behind the house. I offered to help – but probably freaked him out because I was rambling on in English making a fumbled attempt at sign language with the offer. Someone else was on his way on his riding mower to help him but ran over a drain “thing” in my neighbors yard and had to go around another way. My neighbor caught up withÂthat guyÂvery quickly to make sure they’ll fix the damage.
I came in to check on whether I really need to bother. The excitement level around here is relatively minimal. As my neighbor said, “This is a baby storm compared to the other ones we’ve experienced the last couple of years.” And he’s right.
Think I’ll line up what movies to watch tomorrow and maybe everyone will be home and we can play Risk or Monopoly. 🙂

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