Recently I noticed a bit of black spot on some of my Indian Hawthorn and Holly shrubs. This is a fungus disease and if you don’t nip it in the bud it can spread and cause problems on aÂlarge scale in the garden. I’ve also noticed some aphid residue on other plants. On some plants, particularly Hibiscus, if there are aphids thereÂis also sometimes scale. Scale and aphid residue can also lead to a messy ant problem.

I’ve found a couple of recipes for homemade organic garden remedies. Since I am a bit of a worrier about burning the plants, I will start of with weaker solutions than the recipes call for. In the past I have sprayed insecticidal soap on the plants and before the heat of the day have rinsed them just as well.

*Insecticidal Soap Recipe given on Daves Garden (Lots of good information for all kinds of gardening questions throughout the year.)
*Fungicidal Soap Recipe from Lucky Lizard Ranch (Scroll down toward the bottom – there are other organic recipes available on this link as well.)


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