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Bizarre Visuals in the Sky

The most interestingspace typerelated incident that has happened to us recently, was when Space Shuttle Discovery landed on December 22nd. I hadn’t expected it to landthat daydue to weather and the sonic booms gave a real shake-up! 🙂

A couple of days ago I heard there’d been a UFO sighting at Chicago’s O’Hare in November of last year. And as this MSN Video news story explains… it may have been strange weather.

Apparently folks in Denver, Colorado saw what they thought may have been a meteor shower just after 6am MST today. However, it turns out that what they saw was likely “space junk” re-entering the atmosphere.

A day or two ago,a chunk of metal fell from the sky in New Jersey, hitting the roof of a home and eventually landing in the bathroom.

Almost every night I go to sleep listening to what I call “my looney radio program”. Somepeople come up with the most fantastic stories or thoughts, and sometimes I hear someideas that don’t seem too completely ludicrous. Either which way, Ilook forward to hearing opinions about all the recent phenomenon’s as mentioned above.Some of the theories will prove entertaining if nothing else!

Happy 2007!

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  1. Hey Lady! What “looney radio program” do you listen to? I used to get a kick out of Art Bell but I’m not sure if he’s still on air. Anyway, take care!

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  2. Hi Scott! Hope you and the family had a nice Christmas! Looks like Denver is having the kind of winter we used to experience there as kids.

    Art Bell is still on that radio show on weekends, but yep it’s the same radio show. Some of the calls are so funny! I have enjoyed hearing Michio Kaku sometimes in the past though.

    Have a great day! 🙂
    Oh yes, I have to ask if they figured out what the strange objectturned out to be in Chicago? I heard a later news report that the weather was ruled out.

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