I am currently spending a little time each day refreshing my language skills. I study Russian, my husband studies German, and both of our children take Latin. Okay, so we are a very diverse household. 😉

I grew up in a house hearing foreign languages. My father spoke French and German fluently, some Russian, some Yiddish and in recent years has taken on Hungarian (has friends from Hungary… and Dad is an adorable silly-head).
He always encouraged us to learn at least one foreign language. Pick a language, any language and learn it, live it, dream it. So I chose Russian.

My first teacher was from (ex-Soviet) Georgia. I remember thinking she was so beautiful and elegant like Eva Gabor. She was also a lot of fun and made class interesting every day! But I digress… back to the initial point of this post.

Here is a link to create flashcards: MemoryLifter

Another good link on Russian for travelers: Way To Russia

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