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A Song…

So I have spent a bit of time trying to figure out how to post a link for a beautiful song. My friend Rick sent me a video link to see Tim Buckley sing “Songto the Siren”. I’d never heard the orginalversion before and absolutely LOVE it! I have a version from This Mortal Coil on a record (and CD) from waaaay back, but this one… I can unterstand the lyrics! 🙂

Since I am out of time trying to share the video, I’ll share the link instead for now. Enjoy!
“Songto the Siren” by Tim Buckley

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  1. Ted

    I never heard of Tim Buckley before. It was a good song. Can I share one of my favourites? “The Voice” by the celtic woman. It’ll pop up on youtube.

    Celtic Woman – The Voice

    Thanks for Tim Buckley’s lyrics.

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