Since I have a few minutes to read something other than Op-Center (I’m on the 8th book), here are some issues that are interesting:
*The price of postal stamps will be going up from 39 cents to 41 cents beginning May 14th. Time to get a new book of stamps.

*My husband told me there’d been riots in France due to the outcome of their Presidential Election.

*As I am able, I like to keep tabs on whether or not Scotland will eventually vote to secede from Britain. I haven’t formed an opinion about whether it is a good or bad idea, just interested to see what is going on in the UK. This morning I found an article mentioning nationalist political parties from both Scotland and Wales. hm… nationalist? Deserves more research.

*I’d only touched on reading about a free speech issueand a Finnish blogger. I hadn’t had time to find a proper translation, but do see there is a recent update regarding the matter available by Prodos.

*In the near future I will write a little something on a different post about Christopher Schlegel’s very nice Piano Waltz CD. Meantime, check out his site! Hooray! 🙂

(I’m adding this update as a reminder for myself as well.)
Below are links for additional/continued information on the Free Speech case and the Finnish blogger, Mikko Ellila.
Sydney Kendall will continue with more information on her blog, Sydney Kendall Says.
And Greg has provided some good commentary and information about free speech on his blog, Zigory.

It’d be interesting to look at the laws and find what defines free speech versusinciting violence,compare US law to the laws of the European Union. Does EU law supercede Finnish law? As I said yesterday, I’ve only had time to barely touchthe basics of this issue so far.

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