How doesa musicalnovice write a proper review for Classical Music?
After some reflection, the answer to my own question is to write a simple and honest review.

Christopher Schlegel Piano Waltzes No. 1 – 24

I think it’s so important to say something when you come across abrilliant artist who truly pours their heart and soul in to their creations! Christopher is a well rounded musician andis quite the Maestro when it comes to composing classical as well as other types of music. After getting to know Christopher a bit, I do wonder (and maybe his wife and son could answer) does he look the eccentric (similar to what Beethoven would have perhaps looked like) as much as we all imagine when he’s composing something new? 🙂

I don’t necessarily have a favorite piece on this CD yet.Although they are all Waltzes, some of the compositions like the Waltz in E Flat Minor sounds quite modern to me. It’s almost haunting!And then going on to the Waltz in F Major, which is very traditional. I canimagine this piece on harpsichord as well! Very, very light and pretty! They are all quality works! What makes this so good,Christopher artfully tells a story on the piano and it is up to the listener to interpret and incorporate what they hear in to their moment. Timeless!

Bravo, Christopher!!

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