A weed or a wild flower, depends on my mood

The summer is flying by…

I wanted to post something briefly here, as I haven’t gone anywhere… just been pretty busy. Below are pictures of the new annuals I planted last weekend.The summer is going so quickly I can’t even believe it! Hope it’s going well for everyone!

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  1. Sydney Kendall

    It’s cold and wintery down here in Australia, so it’s especially pleasant to see these up-close flower photos. As one who likes to draw flowers, myself, it’s good to have up-close pictures when there aren’t any real flowers around. Thanks for putting the name of the flowers in the mouseovers.


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  2. Elizabeth

    Hi Sydney! 🙂 No problem about putting the names in. I love to play outside and look at everything as a blank canvas. I forgot it’s opposite in season there in Australia!

    Hope you’re having a terrific weekend!

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  3. zigory

    I can almost smell them! Lovely!

    Elizabeth, I keep misplacing your email address. Would you email me again at zigory@comcast.net with contact info? Thanks. There’s very little non-park time in our family’s September Disney itinerary but there’s some relaxation time at our hotel planned on that Monday evening (around 5pm?) and that Wednesday (around noon). Maybe that could work for a brief meeting up of our families. That’s what I wanted to email you about, with additional details. (Of course, if you can meet us inside a park, that could increase the time available!)

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