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Asheville, NC

I completely and totally fell in absolute love with Asheville, NC! It is so beautiful! The people are SO friendly!!!

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  1. zigory

    I once had a girlfriend from Columbia, South Carolina, who went to college in Asheville, NC. She complained that there was too little civilization; the only place to eat out was a Hardee’s. (And I thought Columbia was sparsely equipped!) I guess the beauty of the scenery gets old when you are “stuck” there for awhile. It’s more evidence that human beings ought to transform nature to fulfill their own purposes. I will agree that outside of the snobbier neighborhoods of Charleston, SC, the people of the Carolinas are the friendliest, most hospitable people I have ever met.

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  2. Elizabeth

    I don’t think I could ever get tired of wandering through those hills, Greg! But I can understand from a young persons perspective that it would be kind of boring to be in a small town. 🙂

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