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First off, I want to wish the best of luck to my friend Martin on his quest to come back to the US! He truly is a Jeffersonian type American in Spirit! 🙂

Recently I had the pleasure of meetingfellow family historian and4th cousin Barbara from New York. She is from a side of our family who anglicized the spelling of the last name one generation down from our common immigrant ancestors. My side, Mary/Maria, moved from New York to San Francisco with her infant son after the death of her husband Frances who served with the 55th NY Infantry Regiment (French Regiment) during the Civil War.
Maria and Frances T
Barbara and I are combining our efforts to continue to research and track our commonhistory, and with a little luck and a lot more work we will hopefully have a positive outcome. It was fascinating to meet each other (finally) in person and comparing common family traits, such as the taller women in the family have small hands and feet. Also Barbara’s eyes are almost identical to my Grandmother! Our personalities are similar and we hit it off as if we’ve always been around each other.
If anyone in the family is interested in more information pertaining to family history please call or send me an e-mail.

In other news today(said with all seriousness after clearing the throat and pretending to be a news anchor woman)…
I’ve been working on more digital scrapbooks/videos and had some technical issues to sort out. Also, my brother had a question about convertingMPEG to record to DVD. I hope his issues were resolved as well.
Here are a couple of links that I have found useful –
* from Lifehacker – Top 10 converter list
* Windows Media – converting formats

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  1. Liz – you’re a hoot – which side of the family are you tracking – love to you, Tony, Rachel & Nick…Aunt Katie

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  2. This is Nana’s Thedy/i maternal side. I’ll send or post a pic of of me and Barb too. She’s fab – you’d love her!

    Dad is looking for more information when he has time as well. I have documentation up through Maria’s father and mother, but beyond that have hit a bit of a wall.

    I’ll send more info – Mary and Ginny both sent hilarious notes in e-mail.


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