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Highland Games 2008

Yesterday was a perfect day for the Scottish Highland Games in Central Florida. We started out the day withheavy fog, chilly temperatures,and some mist. There were lots of games, dancing, BEER, and vendors galore! The food was good although I am very picky. Of course I did not try haggis… don’t bother to ask.

It was fun to watchsome of the historic re-enactments. Below is anexample of blacksmithing. (the fire extinquisher is modern and likely mandatory for insurance purposes.)

There were lessons on border collie training and sheepherding. The dogs were full of energy and adorable!BorderCollies08

Sheaf tossing is another traditionalgame eventat Highland Games. Someone set a new record, but I have yet to find the details.SheafToss08

The pipe bands were amazing to listen to, as always!

And of course the sun decided to pop out in time to sit on the grass in a mini-amphitheater. The below photo is of Rathkeltair. Click here, then go to Audio to hear some of their music. Impressive!I think my 2 favorites are King For A Day and Pretty Too was great live as well! 🙂Rathkeltair08

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  1. Hi Elizabeth ,
    I lov the photo’s it looks like fun . !I would love to go to a festival like that. !
    Hugs Celene

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  2. Hey Celene!

    You’d have had a blast too! I’m sure of it!

    Well, maybe some day I can get over to Ireland and then drag you with me to Highland Games in Scotland! Wouldn’t that be fun?!

    Talk with you soon 🙂

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  3. Great pictures! I miss going to the games, need to call my aunt and see where they are around this area as she is a member of the society.

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  4. Hi Ruby! I just looked for CA but didn’t find anything. There were so many artisans, you’d have a wonderful time shopping!
    I’ll talk with you soon! 🙂

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  5. What an unusual thing to find in Florida. And the weather was suitably Scottish, too? That band is the first Celtic Southern Rock band I ever heard! The combination of styles is unique and strange. What made you think of attending that?

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  6. Hi Greg! Yes, the weather helped to create the perfect setting for the games. This is the first you’ve heard the Celtic rock style?
    I have been exposed to Celtic music all of my life, and I love watching the Scottish Pipe Bands march. There is something delightful (to my ears) about hearing them play (drums and pipes) and march from different angles and is something you don’t necessarily hear on a recording. The games are so much fun to watch also!
    In some ways it’s kind of like going to a Renaissance Festival, if you’ve even been to one of those. 🙂

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  7. I enjoy the Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, NY, I’ve been there several times. I’ve heard English, Irish, Celtic music and I’m a big fan, and I’ve heard the rock versions of the old ballads, such as by Steeleye Span and Fairport Convention. I’ve even heard punk rock Irish music like Black 47. But the Southern rock influence (a la Lynyrd Skynyrd) mixed with the Celtic influence in the Rathkeltair band was a new combination for me!

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