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I love being inspired to try something new… while creating images on the computer is not new to me, I find that I have no patience for something if I can’t touch the canvas and smell the paints. However, I was challenged to create a seascape… here are the first two stages and I’ll add more over time. A pirate ship, a pirate, a parrot, and a bottle of rum may be in order as well. 😉

seascape phase 1

seascape phase 2
seascape phase 3 - creating contrast

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  1. Nigel M

    wow, I am so loving this. love the approach tot he sky there. and the sea is fantastic. I may have another go at doing one of these myself.

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  2. Elizabeth

    I’ll add more as I work on it … meant to have a roll over on phase descript but it didn’t work – so I’ll fix that.

    Nigel, you should definitely have a go! You have a really good eye for depth and color!!

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