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All This Work and New Design Options

Thanks to Prodos and all for all of your work!  I’m itching to play with new blog options and will spend a bit of time explore around here now to see how to play with blog appearance.  Word Press seems a bit more sophisticated in some aspects than other blog formats, so this will be interesting. 🙂
Just for fun, I’ll add one of my more recent sketches that will make its way to canvas (eventually).

watching the fisherman

watching the fisherman

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  1. SydneyKendall

    Hi, Elizabeth!

    Nice sketch!

    I’ve been enjoying playing with the new themes Prodos has been putting together. He’s got quite a few designs up now, with more to come.

    I’ve been away from blogging since November, working mostly on my 3D art. But now that the new system is up, I’m in the mood to get back into it.

    See you around!

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