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Seven Things One Might Not Know About Me

Okay, Martin has tagged me for a “Seven Things” meme.

I’m trying to think about what people may or may not know as I am pretty transparent, but also relatively private.  So here goes…

  1. I have a Paula Abdul dance instruction video that I will sometimes secretly get out to practice with for FUN!
  2. I can’t stand the smell of raw meat
  3. On occasion, I put books on my head to walk around the house to achieve balance and good posture.   I never did learn to do the runway walk very well though.  I giggle too much and can crash to the side in high heels.  🙂
  4. I have had a lot of recurring nightmares and night terrors.
  5. I tend to be a little obsessive about learning new subjects.
  6. Sometimes I say what I am thinking too quickly and accidentally offend people.
  7. I almost always have music playing, even if it’s in my own mind – you can catch me randomly humming or singing unrecognizable tunes.  😀

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  1. Martin Lindeskog

    Thanks for participating! 🙂

    Check out this smart shoe called Softy walking. I hope you will be able to listen to Spotify in the near future…

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  2. SydneyKendall

    Hey, Elizabeth, I also usually have music playing in my head, and I whistle and sing a lot, too.

    And I can’t go into a restroom without starting to sing or whistle – even a PUBLIC ONE!!! It’s a real struggle to control myself around showers, toilets, and sinks – I have so habituated myself from childhood to sing while bathing, and that habit has generalized out to making me sing and whistle merely in the presence of porcelain!

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  3. Elizabeth

    I am laughing so hard with this one – that is GREAT, Sydney!! 🙂 Finally – someone who knows what it’s like!

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  4. What Tremor

    Hey Elizabeth…
    i wrote songs for the best singers of the world…
    i wrote songs for the greatest music competition…
    i wrote a lot of soundtracks ….
    i passed under tables songs for the great M. Jackson…
    ..but tell me.. is “E” after “C” or “D”… i do have a mess about the music notes..
    What Tremor

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