I have several projects that I am preparing for over the next couple of months. Now that the kids are back in school I am able to dedicate at least part time hours toward self study and creating.

Here are some valuable links on design, layouts as well as a very fun home project that anyone can do ! making your own home movies using still photos, video, audio, etc

Principles of Design from Digital Web Magazine

Typography and Page Layout (a free tutorial)

My favorite magazine is Dynamic Graphics. It has all the latest on color trends, type and color, building a portfolio and much more!

I’ve noticed that color varies slightly depending on which browser I am using, particularly firefox.
For more on web safe color see: Web Developer’s Journal

Creating slide shows and video, an easy and fun way to go is using Windows Movie Maker. Here is a free online tutorial for Movie Maker 2. Here is a good article from Galan Bridgman on how to burn your movie to DVD.

Next I want to document how to take old recordings from cassette tape, record to the computer and then to CD. My husband has done this for me before. I am wondering if the audio can be cleaned up on the computer before putting it on a CD.

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