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Planning and Organization

It’s a constant battle, isn’t it?

My desk is in a constant state of clutter. I tend to collect papers from all over the house and stack them on top of the desk without taking the time to file or shred on a daily basis. The pile becomes messy as I need to dig through on occasion to find something important.

*Here’s a site with some good home office organization tips.

I’ve created my own customized printable planners in Excel which is kind of fun.
*Here’s another link for a free printable day planner.

My sister in law recommended an excellent holiday planner a few years ago and it’s worked well for me ever since.
I’ve carried over the idea to other holidays throughout the year including birthday ideas and reminders.

Thank you SIL!! 🙂

Have fun planning!

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  1. I really like your blog Elizabeth! Many good tips on how to organize. I will use some the ideas.

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  2. Thanks for commenting Christer! 🙂 I’ll post more soon.
    Organizing is a never-ending task, isn’t it?

    Take care…

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  3. Organizing is one of my big problems. These are good ways to keep paperwork down and organize so subjects are found easily. It will help. Thanks for posting.

    In return, I will show you the fight is still on in Canada towards (market) freedom in healthcare: http://www.freedomparty.on.ca/updates/

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