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Imagine this

I move to Saudi Arabia with a bunch of my friends and family. We are used to a secular culture and I go out and about on the streets dressed in my t-shirt and shorts just like I do here.

What would happen?

This “cartoon” story really is about free speech. The issue stems from differentiating between free speech, inciting violence and anti-terrorism law.

I saw a bit of an interview with Ahmed Abu Laban on the news yesterday. Basically (paraphrasing here) he explained he’d initially wanted to demonstrate “atheism” in the west. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the entire interview, so I decided to do a little more research this morning.

I am satisfied that I see strategy behind this madness.
See this August 9, 2005 article from The Washington Post titled: Denmark Tries to Act Against Terrorism as Mood in Europe Shifts
Law Raises Concerns of Civil Libertarians By Kevin Sullivan

(See page 3, 1st paragraph for a quote by Abu Laban)

His name also appears in this June 8, 2005 BBC article titled: Arson highlights Danish tensions by Thomas Buch-Andersen

And again in this November 2004, Bahrain Tribune article titled: Dutch lawmaker wants border to shut Muslims.

See the latest on MEMRI. There is a threat to the Europeans that they will take their business elsewhere.

Is this threat saying, in other words, since you have a large number of Muslim immigrants you must conform to Sharia Law or else?

Unless something dramatic happens, this is my last comment on the subject. I expect Americans to continue to recognize our 1st Amendment rights.

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  1. Thanks for commenting and the link to your blog, Steven! I will write more later. 🙂 -E

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