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Blog Personality Analysis

Recently Martin posted something on a blog personality analysis generator. The Typealyzer does state that what is generated may or may not be the blog authors real personality. Which is true in my case, as it comes up with personality type ESTP (the doer) for this blog. In actuality, according to my Myers-Briggs results, I am INTJ.
(oh and the gender analyzer had me wrong too – maybe I need to write more flowery or something?:) )

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Interesting Film Reviews

I have added a link for my friend Nigel’s blog called, I Spit On Your Taste. Nigel is a film buff and has a fantastic way of writing about a unique niche of movies including Italian horror films. There seems to be a large fan base forย Z rated films in Europe as well as the US.

As noted by Steve atย The Last Picture Show blog (also a verygood film review blog), Nigel’s new blog is developing nicely. Keep it up, Nig!

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I love being inspired to try something new… while creating images on the computer is not new to me, I find that I have no patience for something if I can’t touch the canvas and smell the paints. However, I was challenged to create a seascape… here are the first two stages and I’ll add more over time. A pirate ship, a pirate, a parrot, and a bottle of rum may be in order as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

seascape phase 1

seascape phase 2
seascape phase 3 - creating contrast

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Free Trade

* General information on US – Columbia Free Trade
* C-Span airedCato discussion onthe US – Columbia Free Trade Agreement, April 11, 2008.

* ARI – on Free Markets(my favorite quote from this page is taken from The Virtue of Selfishness by Ayn Rand, on “Man’s Rights”.There can’t be too much emphasis on the idea of mutual consent and cooperation in trade.)
* Free Trade in the Americas – FTAA
* for information on the American “super highway”
* What effect does this “super highway” have onProperty Rights in the United States?

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April Update

Finally a new update! ๐Ÿ™‚ This is going to include a variety of notes of interest.

A little late, but it’s time to check links to be sure all are current. For anyone else who is slightly behind “the times” like me, please check out this link from Prodos regarding server changes.

I like this new video Christopher posted onhis YouTube testing a new camera. Bravo!

Greg (Zigory) posted a review about the film, Atonement. Recently I was finally able to rent the DVD as well. I thought it was beautifully done visually. I’m trying to decide how much of a sense of life the author intended and think likely I can only gain that perspective by reading the book by Ian McEwan. The way the screenplay was written gave a surprise ending. It’s a romantic tragedy and the title of the film is appropriate. I actually enjoyed it very much!

So life keepsme busy.Meet arecent visitor to my backyard here in Florida.

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Highland Games 2008

Yesterday was a perfect day for the Scottish Highland Games in Central Florida. We started out the day withheavy fog, chilly temperatures,and some mist. There were lots of games, dancing, BEER, and vendors galore! The food was good although I am very picky. Of course I did not try haggis… don’t bother to ask.

It was fun to watchsome of the historic re-enactments. Below is anexample of blacksmithing. (the fire extinquisher is modern and likely mandatory for insurance purposes.)

There were lessons on border collie training and sheepherding. The dogs were full of energy and adorable!BorderCollies08

Sheaf tossing is another traditionalgame eventat Highland Games. Someone set a new record, but I have yet to find the details.SheafToss08

The pipe bands were amazing to listen to, as always!

And of course the sun decided to pop out in time to sit on the grass in a mini-amphitheater. The below photo is of Rathkeltair. Click here, then go to Audio to hear some of their music. Impressive!I think my 2 favorites are King For A Day and Pretty Too was great live as well! ๐Ÿ™‚Rathkeltair08

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